Window Door Restrictor Cable, Security Lock And Key, Baby/Child Safety – Black


  • Adds an extra element to your baby and child-proofing measures by limiting the opening of a window or door
  • Easy to install, tools required are a screwdriver or drill, depending on the window/door
  • Comes with a lock & key operated mechanism, self-tapping screws and a link to online instructions
  • Restrictor can be mounted to UPVC, aluminum, wood, composite and metal profiles
  • Use on double hung, casement and slider windows; balcony doors, guest room doors, etc.
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The window restrictor, with its modern aesthetic, is designed for safe ventilation and the prevention of accidents by limiting how far a window or door can open. Wide use in residential and commercial settings such as: family homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, school, daycares, etc. Easy to attach, the restrictor is suitable for use on most types of windows and doors including UPVC, aluminum, wooden, composite and metal profiles. Lock the restrictor with the included key, and unlock when you need to open your window or door fully.


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